A Father's Letter

My dad wrote me one letter in his life, in pencil on a yellow legal pad of paper. But one letter was all he needed to write. His words of encouragement and love, mailed to me when I was a college student, are etched in my heart. Though he has been gone nearly 20 years, his words continue to give me strength.

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Mission Statement

“Lasting Words” helps individuals express their values, beliefs and memories, using their words to write a letter, obituary, story or statement as a lasting gift for loved ones.



Molly started “Lasting Words” because her life has been shaped by words, and she believes in their enduring power.

She began writing in a journal when she was a teenager, a practice she continues today. Journal writing has brought her inspiration, healing and clarity.

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Molly Kavanaugh

Picture of Molly Kavanaugh

Lasting Words Molly Kavanaugh is a Freelance Writer of life stories and eulogy.
P. O. Box 300 Berlin Heights, Ohio 44814